What Buyers Want…

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I read a recent article from Advantages Magazine that gave some really cool info on what customers are looking for from their ad specialty supplier.

Like… “92% of buyers say their budgets for 2011 will stay the same”. Thats at least a promising sign of the future. The survey conducted by Advantages Magazine showed that 72% of buyers are looking for creativity from their distributors. Thank goodness for my degree in Advertising, Production and Design, whew!

Of those sruveyed 26% will purchase directly from manufacturers, so anyone who can produce and manufacture products in house will stanbd a slightly better chance of aquiring and holding onto new customers, or old ones for that matter. The most effective advertising as chosen by the surveyors?… shirts?, I don’t think that I would have guessed that one. CNY Awards & Apparel (formely Hi-Roller Screenprinting & Graphics) has been providing screen printed shirts for over 30 years now, so it’s nice to hear they are still voted as a top contender for promoting.

Top programs submitted for promotional products…

  • 68% Business gifts
  • 46% Trade shows
  • 40% Employee recognition
  • 40% Customer acquisition
  • 39% Employee incentives
  • 38% Client loyalty
  • 14% Trade promotions, dealers

Among questions asked was, “What is your main criteria for choosing products?” The survey says…

  • 41% Cost per person
  • 40% Perceived value
  • 12% ROI
  • 7% Other

Top five most effective products?

  1. Shirts at 53%
  2. Writing instruments at 51%
  3. Business accessories at 41%
  4. Bags at 35%
  5. Magnets at 28%

Some interesting facts on promotional spending that was surveyed is about “the battle of the sexes” as far as decisions and preferences. The survey found that women look more for creativity and price while men spend more on promo products and a greater ROI.

Women rate products like bags, food gifts and safety products as effective, and as for men? Men rate shirts, calendars and auto accessories as effective promotional products.

The survey found that 80% of those questioned say that promotional products offer a positive ROI (return on investment) vs. other forms of advertising. I agree, as I think they are almost a little personal, since you have to almost physically hand them to a prospective client.

CNY would like to thank Advantages Magazine, Alex Palmer, and Larry Basinett  for doing this survey as it offers an array of useful if not needed info on what buyers want.

If you’re looking for a promotional product, give Mike Forsythe a call at CNY Awards & Apparel, Inc. 315-733-0931, to have all your questions answered.