Local Artist Opens Gallery…and Is Having a Show!

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Look for RecordPrints at the show….

Let me start you off with a visual: me, 8 AM, freshman year, first semester, sitting in a required art history class. Not exactly the most fun situation to be in. I guess that’s one of the good things about growing up; you learn to appreciate certain things more. For me, one of those things is art. I would give anything to go back to my freshman year and actually pay attention and learn in my art class, but unfortunately I can’t. However, it’s never too late to start appreciating new things, so I intend on putting a lot more art into my life. In the past year, between friends from school and friends from home, I’ve come to love art. A lot of this probably has to do with someone I met this summer who is truly a remarkable artist.

Meet Jen Krawiec, a local Sherrill resident who is most definitely an artist… and her stuff is GOOD. As I’ve gotten to know her throughout the summer, I’ve seen a lot of her work. She has paintings scattered around her apartment, in her staircase, and she even painted the flower beds outside of her apartment. Every time I go over, I find myself complimenting a new piece that she’s done. It’s all amazing. And apparently others think she’s good too because she’s starting to receive more local support and is working on getting her name known in the area (and hopefully elsewhere). Conveniently enough, there happens to be an extremely large and unoccupied building across the street from Jen’s apartment.  Jen is now currently in the process of moving her art over to the building and turning it into a gallery (and she is well on her way).

Where am I going with this post? I’m here to invite you to Jen’s first show at her art gallery this coming Saturday, August 7. The show, titled ‘My Life is Art and Art is My Life,” will take place from 6-10 PM in Building 41. This is located on 97 East Seneca Street in Sherrill, NY. The building is right across from Frank’s/the Pizzeria. Drinks (most likely wine and beer) and snacks (most likely pizza) will be provided throughout the evening. What sounds better than walking around and looking at great art while drinking wine and eating food?

So if you’re looking for something to do this Saturday evening, STOP BY! You can come at any time. Whether you want to drop in for ten minutes or stay for three hours, it’s up to you. Her pieces will be for sale (and vary in size and price). I’m also going to do a “review” of the show sometime next week as a blog post. Pictures will definitely be included so you can see some of Jen’s work. I would strongly recommend checking it out ; we should support our local artists and spread the word! GOOD LUCK JEN!!!

and here are the details again…

What: My Life is Art and Art is My Life (gallery opening)

Who: Jen Krawiec

Where: Building 41           

                 97 East Seneca Street

                Sherrill, NY

When: 6-10 PM