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HP 7500a Wide Format Desktop Printer (FOR SALE)

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We have our faithful poster printer up for sale. Only about 3 years old and still in awesome shape and prints perfectly. We use to run short orders of 11×17 posters on card stock. Can run 100 posters very fast and in full color. Gets pretty good life on inks also. We only upgraded because our new printer also has an 11×17 scanner on it. Something we wanted for a while now. only asking $ 50 00 *pickup CNY, New Hartford Shop...

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Busy as a….

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Back in college one of our subjects for design class was to design a PRINT magazine cover image. My subject was busy as bee. SO i set forth with my mighty colored pencils and started drawing. Over the years and after many moves to new homes.. my original was in much need of either tossing or repair. Since I’m always pretty attached to things I create.. I opted for repair. A quick iPhone photo shoot and open in Art Studio on my iPad gave me the tools for fixing my illustration. It took a few hours but I think it came out pretty awesome, plus I have now a digital version (no more portfolio hidden in the back of the closet) and plus this time of year, this gives me something more to keep me busy and out of trouble. Let me know what you...

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About our new logo

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  People are always curious, at least we are, about how a logo is developed. Then why a particular version wins over countless others. Our logo took us just over a month to finalize. We wanted something at first that incorporated all aspects of we do into it. Well that proved way too busy for a clean look and practicality. While it certainly expressed everything we do it was too much, too busy and wasn’t fun. So we continued on. We decided that we should concentrate on the amin aspects of what we do, Web Graphics, Printing Folks Arts. With our company broken down into it’s four main elements it was much easier to determine the next step in logo development, and we finally came up with the below new logo. We graphed it out a bit to detail why we...

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HM Print & Design at the Folts Home

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Back in the Spring we were asked to create and share a project for the Folts Home in Herkimer as a presenter for the Herkimer Garden Club. The design was to be a table center piece, made of wood, and made simple enough that older people could have fun painting. The final piece would then be displayed in Folts Home at either the front counter or in the Cafeteria. So we started our design plans, which always start with a sketch, in our case a computer layout. Once the design is finished (top pic), a wireframe is printed (bottom pic) from which we use to cut our wood pieces from. This saves a lot of time and wasted wood, as we can move the pieces around and maximize wood use and in some cases safe a few cuts by butting pieces against each other and sharing that...

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Great Utica Pumpkin Carve Winners

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Well, we did it. It was cold and windy but everyone who attended had a great time. Even amongst carvers, there was camaraderie. We even got invited to come visit a local wood carving workshop.. woot woot. Michael and I will definitely be checking that one out. Especially since I bought way more tools than I’ll never to carve pumpkins. While we didn’t get best overall we did snag the Carver’s Choice award, which to us is pretty dang good. To get voted for by other carvers, we couldn’t ask for more. So we are very delighted at our win. I wanted to thank Mike & TeriJo Mustard  for their support, CNY Awards & Apparel for nominating me to do this, and of course my amazing husband, Stephen Hesler-Mondore for always telling me, “You...

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Great Utica Pumpkin Carve

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Come see us Thursday night 5-9pm at Murnane Field in “THE GREAT UTICA PUMPKIN CARVE”. We will in spot number 4 and JayDawg will be running toe to toe against us for shop title of “Pumpkin Carving Master” in spot number 3. It’s sure to be fun and full of diggs and jabs from me and JayDawg. From the Our Lady of Lourdes website: The Great Utica Pumpkin Carve October 9 – 11, 2014 5:00 p.m. – 9 p.m. General Information Murnane Field – (Behind Donovan Stadium) – Corner of Burrstone Road and Sunset Avenue Great Utica Pumpkin Carve – a community, family event with all proceeds going to support Our Lady of Lourdes Community Outreach Programs. All funds raised from this event are spent on outreach programs in the Utica community....

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